Ecology Policy

The goal of AGREMA Poland Sp. z o.o.’s ecology policy is to care for the natural environment and to strive for a continuous elimination of negative influence of our organization on the environment.

Therefore, we declare and undertake to:

  • Accept the sustainable development rule, taking into account not only current needs, but also taking into account and not affecting the ability of the future generations to satisfy their own future needs.
  • Provide products safe for the environment, which do not affect the environment when properly used.
  • Conform to requirements arising from local and EU regulations in relation to environment protection.
  • Provide clients with knowledge and information on safe transport, storage, use, and, if applicable, disposal of delivered products or means of their neutralization.
  • Care for reasonable use of water, electricity and other energy sources.
  • Introduce to the market products in returnable packaging, reusable by means of recycling and retrieval.
  • Dispose of the waste responsibly and safely.
  • Prevent emergency situations that may affect the environment.
  • Provide employee training increasing their awareness of their responsibility for the environment.
  • Constantly improve the application of ecology policy.

Management, Stockholders and Cooperatives of AGREMA Poland Sp. z o.o.

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