Proteins, high biopolymers (molecular mass from app. 10,000 to several million), are built of amino acid residues bound with a peptide bond and are present in all plant and animal organisms. Proteins are basic metabolic and structural elements of cells, tissues, and organs of living organisms. They are synthesized partly of endogenous amino acids, which can be produced by the organism itself, and of exogenous amino acids, which are essential and supplied with food. Proteins can be divided into simple and complex proteins. Simple proteins are constructed of amino acids only. Simple proteins can be divided into globular proteins (which are soluble) and scleroproteins (fibrous proteins). Globular proteins include:

  • albumins, water-soluble, difficult to salt out; they include plant proteins, proteins of chicken albumen, and milk proteins; they contain much sulphur proteins and do not contain  glycine;
  • globulins, non-water-soluble, soluble in diluted salt, acid, and base solutions; they include plant proteins and proteins of blood serum;
  • gluteins, soluble in acids and bases; they include proteins rich in glutamic acid and are present in grains;
  • prolamins, soluble in ethyl alcohol; they include proteins rich in glutamic acid and are present in grains;
  • histones, soluble in water and diluted acids;
  • protamines, water-soluble, basic; components of cellular nuclei, and red and white blood cells.

Main elements being parts of proteins include C, O, H, N, S, P, and sometimes metal cations.

Scleroproteins are non-soluble skeletal proteins, a material for the formation of cartilage, horns, scales, hair etc. They include fibroin (silk protein), collagen (connective tissue and sinew protein), and creatine (feather, hair, hoof, and horn protein).

With respect to their origins, we divide proteins into plant and animal proteins.

Our offer includes plant proteins, i.e. soya and rice proteins, as well as animal collagen proteins, milk proteins, and blood serum proteins.

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